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The Allentown Yard Waste Program significantly reduces our waste!

Why recycle yard waste?

Allentown makes it easy to recycle yard waste with weekly curbside pickup, two yard waste drop off sites as well as curbside leaf and Christmas tree collection. WHEN?

Weekly curbside collection of yard waste begins the first full week of April and ends the week of Thanksgiving. Christmas trees will be collected the weeks of January 4th and 18th 2015 on your recycling night.
Place yard waste out by 10:00 p.m. on your recycling night. Click for map. Pickup should be completed by noon the following day. Call the Hotline to report late or missed collections.


GRASS NEW Grass Rules! Please DO NOT USE Paper Yard Waste Bags anymore. Use containers with yard waste stickers. Clippings should be placed in container along with your other yard waste. DO NOT place in plastic bags. DO NOT place any litter or trash in with the grass.
    Grasscycling: Best Grass Option! Recycle your grass at home by leaving your clippings on your lawn to naturally decompose. Grasscycling on the lawn is recommended by lawn care professionals.
Click here for grasscycling facts and tips.
In Containers: Rigid containers, such as clean garbage cans, can be used for curbside collection of all yard waste except grass. Call the Hotline at 610-437-8729 for optional waste stickers to designate your container(s) for yard waste.
    Tied In Bundles: Branches and large trimmings should be cut into 4 foot lengths and tied with string or twine. Bundles should weigh less than 50 lbs. Logs and branches over 5 inches in diameter or longer than 4 feet must be taken to the yard waste drop off sites.

loose piles of yard waste on the curb.
yard waste in cardboard boxes or plastic bags. It will not be collected.
plastic bags, metal, trash, stones, or dirt in the yard waste bags or containers. They cause injuries, contamination, and/or damage the machinery.
Large quantities must be taken to the yard waste sites.

Allentown residents may also bring trimmings to the Yard Waste Drop Off Sites.
Click for more info

FALL LEAVES Fall leaves can be placed in yard waste containers
and placed out on your recycling night or can be taken to the
yard waste site up to the week of Thanksgiving.
    They can be raked into the street a foot away from the curb for the Street's Department to pick them up during leaf season. Please call the Street Cleaning Hotline at 610-437-7636 to get updates on their status. This information is updated daily.
    After December 1st - you may place them in a plastic bag and call the Streets Department at 610-437-7638 to schedule a pick up.
      *Please do not put branches, grass or stones in the bags or in the piles. They clog and/or damage the equipment.
and other yard waste
Christmas Trees and yard waste are collected by the Bureaus of Streets and Recycling & Solid Waste on the weeks of January 5th and 19th, 2014 on your recycling night.
    NO plastic bags, decorations or tree stands.

Take trees and other yard waste to the Main Yard Waste Site. Click here or call the Hotline for schedule.



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